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This year, Brandon celebrates his 10th year anniversary at the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain. For five of those years, he worked in his current position as the Outreach Representative with the Talent Search TRiO Program. For the first two years he worked at the College, he held a position in the Arkansas Career Pathways Program and has held the position of Director of Admissions for three years.

Brandon is an alumna of Van-Cove High School, obtained an Associate of Arts degree from the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain, and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arkansas Tech University.

“I’ve always taken a lot of pride in, not only coming back to my home county after college, but also in being provided the opportunity to work at the institution where I began my college education and, ultimately, in the program that helped point me in the right direction upon high school graduation. My TRIO experience did not start as a Talent Search Representative, but dates back to high school as a Talent Search participant. I received so much help and guidance in preparing for college as a student, and I just hope to give my Talent Search participants half the experience I had”, stated Burk.

Brandon and his wife, Ilana have been married for 13 years and have two children, Brakiah and Brennan. He enjoys being active within his church and his children’s lives, whether that be coaching little league baseball and K-2nd grade basketball, watching all 6 performances of the same OLT play, attending dance and music recitals, or even putting on his “…Awesome Cheer Dad” t-shirt and cheering on his little cheerleader!

Come by campus and meet Brandon Burk, Outreach Representative for Talent Search at UA Rich Mountain!

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