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Union Bank Gives to OLT Guild

The Union Bank of Mena recently made a donation to the OLT Guild. This money will help in getting the Guild’s project of working with the OLT in enclosing the back area behind the stage to create dressing areas and installing restrooms backstage for the cast and crews. The OLT Guild appreciates all money donations they have received and the hard work of the OLT members for overseeing and donating their time and effort in making the much needed improvements so far to the theater building. The Guild has received $14,000 of their goal of $25,000.  The Guild asks the community to please consider making a donation to keep making the improvements to the theater.  OLT is a vital part of our community and serves young and old.  Donations can be made by contacting Karen Mosier 234-2337 or Tracy Hensley 234-1979.


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