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Unofficial election results for mayor of Mena run-off race

The unofficial results in the run-off race for Mayor ofMena have been announced.

Seth Smith received a total of 720 votes and Brandon Martin received a total of 311.

Unofficial early voting total was 190 for Martin and 428 for Smith; unofficial absentee ballots cast were 22 for Martin and 37 for Smith.

On election day Smith received 138 votes at the Pine Street polling location and 117 at the Ninth Street Ministries for a total of 255 votes.

Martin received 55 votes at the Pine Street polling location and 44 at the Ninth Street Ministries for a total of 99 votes.

A total of 1,033 votes were cast by the citizens of Mena.

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  1. Wow, many folks want to complain about the job elected officials are doing, yet when asked if they voted the usual reply is ” oh my vote doesn’t matter so I don’t vote” with a turnout of only 1033 voters turned out to vote is a very poor number in my opinion. The only thing worse was the state and county midterms where only 50% of eligible voters turned out to vote.
    Right now America is facing a crucial crossroads in who we elect to uphold our values. I for one don’t want same sex bathrooms, the removal of our true history, common core teaching in our schools, sanctuary cities, illegal immigration and all the other problems that come with liberal views. We have to let our voice be heard and we have to elect our officials using old fashioned common sense.

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