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Update on Voelkels

(MENA)  The couple that escaped the United States to avoid prosecution in regards to allegations involving their children, still are awaiting a hearing in Manitoba, Canada in regards to extradition proceedings to be returned to the United States.

Chad and Stephanie Voeckel fled the United States back in May, after failing to appear before Polk County Circuit Court, answering to charges of Rape, a Class Y Felony, against Chad Voeckel and Permitting Abuse of a Minor, a Class B Felony, against Stephanie Voeckel.

Officials in Manitoba, Canada eventually cooperated with United States Marshals on the apprehension of the couple and the recovery of the four minor children of the Voelkels. The arrest of the Voelkels occurred on July 10th in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

The father of the children was issued a warrant for his arrest after failing to appear for his Rape allegation. Chad Voeckel was out on bond for the alleged Rape that occurred on or about January 3rd of this year.

Polk County Sheriff deputies immediately began a search for the couple and determined that the parents had fled the area.

  May 29th was the date that the mother had been charged with her charge of Permitting the Abuse of a Minor, and officials determined that the four minor children were endangered at that point after the couple had fled the area.

  The U.S. Marshals Service, along with Polk County deputies then began searching for the couple, which took approximately one and a half months of searching and coordinating with Canadian authorities.

  No word on when the couple will be returned until that hearing is conducted on Monday, July 29th in Canada. The couple was considered legal entrants into Canada, at the border crossing.

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