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Use it… or lose it


Ok, fellow mommies, we are now back into the swing of back to school schedules and I don’t know about all of you, but it’s a double-edged sword at my house. The return to routine and schedule, both welcomed … but I think we would all agree, schedules are so very unforgiving.

Busyness seems to take over and so many are bustling children from school, practices, rehearsals, parties, games, youth group … and somehow, fitting in work, grocery shopping, laundry, the pharmacy, bank, cleaners, and everything else in between.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and before you know it, you’re caught up in this comparison game, regardless of whether you even have the time or the finances to pull it all off.  For me, there was a period of time when my children were smaller, that when I watched other mommies and families, I always felt like I was coming up short. I’d try to do more and with too much already on my plate, that only led to me feeling more like I kept coming up short. More life experience and maturity helped to break the cycle.

I just completed a study on the parable of talents from Matthew 25 that gave me such a new perspective on this passage of scripture that I’ve read so many times before. And, to sum it up very briefly, use it or lose it, ladies! He’s gifted us all in different ways and appreciating each others giftings rather than playing the comparison game (aka – reckless pursuit of perfection) will benefit His kingdom so much more and He will abundantly bless our efforts. Perfection is a lie and a deception from the Enemy. Plain and simple truth!

He doesn’t bestow “talents” upon us for us to stuff in a box to keep safe – He needs us to use them! When He can trust us with a little, He will bless us with much and despite the risk, it’s worth it!

Dr. David C. Steinmetz once said, “There is no responsible use of the gifts of God which does not involve taking risks. That is a theological point reinstated in the sayings of Jesus, but it is also true of human growth and development in general that it hardly seems to require theological elaboration. [ … ] I never establish a friendship until I am willing to be rebuffed by someone whose goodwill and esteem I desperately long to have. I can never gain more until I am willing to lose the little I already have.”

If we shift our focus from trying to observe and make sure we measure up to all the other mommies around us and realize that we are investing more into our families by focusing on the talents in which we’ve been entrusted with, the dividends will have eternal payout and earnings. Seem risky? Maybe. But in not doing so, we forego an abundance of blessings and overflowing peace. I don’t know about you but that’s not a risk I’m willing to take!

When we realize that God has specifically designed us with gifts and talents, we no longer look at our personalities and skills as LESSER, but as gifts of grace.

So, my dear sweet fellow mommies, let us not get consumed investing in temporary gains that build only our egos but invest our efforts in those with eternal rewards!

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