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Veterans System to Host Town Hall Meeting in Mena


The Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System will host a Town Hall meeting in Mena at the Ouachita Center on the campus of UA-Rich Mountain.

The town hall meeting will be an open forum to discuss access to care and benefits for Arkansas’ veterans. The VA says that the meetings provide an important venue for Veterans and their families and the public to be informed of Veterans Health and Benefits Administrations.

By conducting collaborative outreach events and town halls, one of the five busiest facilities in the Veterans Administration system is able to better meet the needs of Veterans.  “Our goal is to reach as many Veterans as we can with services and information,” said Dr. Margie Scott, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System director.  “With this strong collaborative effort, we were able to reach approximately 14,000 Veterans through outreach last year.”

As the VA has improved access to care, Veterans have responded by seeking more care.  The CAVHS strategy focuses on improvements in three critical areas: access, quality, and customer experience.

The Town Hall meeting will be held from 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. this Friday, March 31st, at the Ouachita Center.

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