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Vision Realty Joins Safe Harbor Program


Patti K. Oates has announced that Vision Realty is the first Certified Safe Harbor Real Estate Office in Mena. By joining the Arkansas REALTORS© Association’s Safe Harbor program, it allows any REALTORS© company to use Vision Realty’s conference room to meet new clients and verify their identities. Their office will also be displayed on maps and mobile applications. Oates said, “This will help REALTORS© from other areas meet with their clients in a safe environment. Vision Realty is dedicated to increasing a safe industry for all REALTORS© and participates in the Beverly Carter Safety Certified Office Program.

REALTORS© can go to to find all Safe Harbor locations in their area. Mobile apps are also available.

Oates also said, “In memory of our colleague Beverly Carter, the Arkansas REALTORS© Association Task Force and the Carter Family challenge each office to keep safety in the forefront of Real Estate business at all times.” Beverly Carter was murdered in Little Rock on September 30, 2014 while performing her duties as a REALTOR©.


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