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This 2008 photo shows Walt Gray surrounded by skateboarders, numerous volunteers and other city officials that were instrumental in securing the funds for the development of the skate park located at McMillan Park that will now bear his name, Walt Gray Skate Park.

Walt Gray Honored by Mena City Council

Ruth Gray to Finish His Term


The skate park that is located inside McMillan Park in Mena has a new title. At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Mena City Council, Mayor George McKee presented a resolution to council members seeking to honor the late Walt Gray by naming the skate park after him. In a unanimous decision, the council voted to approve the resolution and renamed the area as, The Walt Gray Skate Park.

Gray set on Mena City Council for twelve years and was Park Superintendent for seven years. Gray was said to have been instrumental in having the skate park built and the city said they are forever grateful for his hard work and dedication to the city. Walt Gray’s children and grandchildren were present for the occasion and expressed their gratitude of both honors bestowed by the council in memory of their father. On behalf of Walt Gray’s family, his son, Norm Gray said, “We are honored that the city would recognize Dad as they have. He would have loved it.”

Just before the resolution was passed, the council also voted to fill the seat of Gray for the remainder of his unexpired term. In another unanimous decision, the council approved Gray’s wife, Ruth Gray, to fill his seat. The term will expire in November 2016. “I am thankful and honored to be able to finish out Walt’s term on City Council,” said Ruth Gray.


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