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Waste, of any type, is something I was raised to detest… whether it was food, or maybe it was items that you no longer needed or wanted, it could have value or be needed by someone else. I know many share that same sentiment so why is it that we do not value our time in the same manner?

How many of us are guilty of wasting time by being angry at someone we love, like our spouse or our children? Love is patient and not easily angered and anger is an emotion that doesn’t produce anything healthy. How many of us are guilty of wasting time by being angry at something that is completely beyond our control? Or maybe you are wasting precious time by harboring unforgiveness in your heart and denying yourself joyful time spent with people you love? Maybe you’re wasting time worrying about something rather than surrendering it to God? Or wasting money buying things that only bring temporary joy?

We waste what should be treasured family time together at the end of the day on our electronic devices, scanning social media to see what other families are doing on summer vacation instead of enjoying our own family members right in the same room. It’s not today’s kids doing it… it today’s parents doing it, too!

Don’t waste time worrying about the past… it can’t be changed. Don’t waste mistakes because much can be learned from them. Don’t spend time trying to get people to love you… spend it with those who already do! Don’t waste a single opportunity to show love and kindness to someone because you may just be the only Jesus they see that day!

All for His Glory –

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