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Westerman Comments On President’s Proposed Budget


WASHINGTON – Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-Hot Springs) issued the following statement regarding the president’s proposed budget released Monday (February 2, 2015):

“The president’s proposed budget is nothing but a flip-flop. He was the president who signed sequestration into law. He was the one who said the government would have to live within its means when he was preparing his run for re-election. And now he is the one proposing to increase spending $74 billion above legally-mandated budget caps he signed into law. My question for the president is how does spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave help hardworking Arkansans get back to work or improve their wages? It doesn’t. Even with his plan to raise taxes on American families, his budget never balances. His proposed budget just props up the president’s already tattered image and doubles down on his failed policies.”

A story in Friday’s Washington Post reported the current level of deficit spending at 2.6% of the nation’s current gross domestic product, with a Congressional Budget Office report released last week projecting an increase to 4.4% of GDP by 2025 based on current spending projections prior to the release of the president’s proposed budget.

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