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Westerman Hosts Special Order on Government Spending

WASHINGTON – Congressman Bruce Westerman (AR-04) hosted a special order Tuesday (March 1) in the U.S. House of Representatives, focusing on the issue of government spending.

The special order included speeches by U.S. Reps. David Brat (VA-07), Gary Palmer (AL-06), Rob Woodall (GA-07), and Todd Rokita (IN-04).

“There is a gargantuan issue facing our country that threatens all our futures,” Westerman said Tuesday. “Our gross national debt, fueled by out of control spending, continues to grow and has passed $19 trillion, which exceeds our gross domestic product. Today, while much of the country focuses on primary elections, several of my colleagues from the budget committee – including Chairman Price – wish to have an open and honest conversation about this issue of debt and spending that you’re probably not going to hear much about anywhere else.”

Westerman’s speech highlighted automatic spending growth since 1965, growing from 34 percent of federal spending to 68 percent in 2015. He also noted the United States’ debt obligations, with interest on the debt totaling more than $200 billion of mandatory spending in FY2015 and becoming a larger part of the mandatory spending pie by 2025 than Social Security.

“As our debt continues to balloon and grow, the interest that we must pay on that debt will also balloon and grow,” Westerman said.

VIDEO: Westerman Special Order on National Debt, Government Spending, and Workforce Requirements
VIDEO: Westerman Special Order on the Federal Budget and National Debt

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