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Westerman Promoting Tourism in 4th District


Bruce Westerman, the United States Congressman for Arkansas’ Fourth District, spent last week on his ‘Touring the Fourth District Tour’ and Queen Wilhelmina was included on his list. Westerman said he “believes tourism is an important part of the district’s economy” and his tour will “highlight the natural beauty found across the fourth district.” He hopes to remind constituents of the wonderful sites so close to home and also shine a light on tourism in the Fourth District for individuals across Arkansas and in surrounding states.

“Tourism drives our economy in the Fourth District, with millions of visitors annually. Statewide $6 billion is spent by visitors each year supporting $1.1 billion in payroll and 61,000 jobs. Tourism also provides the state, counties, and local governments with more than $800 million in tax revenue. Tourism provides jobs, paves roads, and so much more in Arkansas. That is why I am ‘Touring the Fourth’ – to bring awareness to tourism and its impacts here at home,” explained Westerman.

His tour included visits to Old Washington Historic State Park, Hot Springs National Park, Mt. Magazine State Park, Buffalo River Outdoor Center, Hawk’s Bill Crag, Queen Wilhelmina State Park, and Crater of Diamonds State Park. After completing his tour, Westerman said, “The stunning beauty and natural wonders found in our state continue to amaze me.”


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