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Wickes Elementary “Spelling Bee” Winners

Wickes Elementary recently released the names of their Spelling Bee winners:

1st Grade: 1st Place; Beau Hennings; 2nd Place: Nataly Gonzalez-Antunez; 3rd Place: Tyrel Hennings. 2nd Grade: 1st Place: Lindsey Munoz; 2nd Place: Jenna Trinidad; 3rd Place: Elizabeth Goethal.  3rd Grade: 1st Place: Aliha Pena; 2nd Place: Serenity Fraser; 3rd Place: Ben Davis.  4th Grade: 1st Place: Kaleb Olalde; 2nd Place: Clint Hennings; 3rd Place: Nicole Martinez.  5th Grade: 1st Place: Nathan White; 2nd Place: Garrett Hennings;  3rd Place: Diana Munoz.  6th Grade: 1st Place: Dillon Loving; 2nd Place: Joyce Antunez; 3rd Place: Stephanie Linker

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