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Wildlife Supporters Needed


Spring has come and with it comes many new mouths to feed at the Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center. There has been a large increase of abandoned, orphaned and injured wildlife coming into the Center at this time. Each day is bringing in more little mouths to feed. Funds are getting low and if the Center is to continue to feed and care for wildlife, they need your help.

“If you have a heart for the animals in our mountains, please consider helping out. We have come up with an easy way to aid the center,” said fundraising chair, Lyn Dilbeck. She explained how easy it can be to make sure a monthly donation is made. Go to your own bank, tell them you would like to transfer what ever amount you choose per month to the Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center’s account at either the Union Bank of Mena or Bear State Bank of Mena. All you have to do is sign a simple form asking them to directly transfer the funds each month into the Center’s account. Only your bank will do this for you. No one else will have any of your banking info. “If you are willing to give up a few cokes a month or a couple of meals a month to help feed and care for our wildlife, it will certainly be used for just that,” said Dilbeck.

Currently it takes approximately $500.00 per month to purchase feed and bedding for the animals at the Center but that cost will rise with the influx of spring babies received. “Our wildlife is one of our greatest natural resources,” Dilbeck said. If you would like to make a one time donation, please send it to P.O. Box 1881, Mena, AR 71953. The Center is also trying recover from all of last year’s rains. The waters took out the pond dam, twice, the otters’ habitat, as well as the raccoon and deer pens. The need is great and all of your donations are tax deductible.


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  1. Please help keep the Arkansas native plant and wildlife center going strong. Tommy Young is a wonderful caretaker of animals and an even better person. In my dealings with him he has shown me compassion, generosity, and a true desire to help animals. Please donate as much as you can! Don’t skimp! This is one of the few good things about Mena and Polk County. KEEP THEM FUNDED!


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