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Winners of 2014 Ouachita Expressions Show


Following is a list of the winners of this year’s Ouachita Expressions competition at Mena Art Gallery, together with comments of the judge:

Best of Show: Jim Brace; Judges comments: Powerful Composition

Works on Paper

1st Place: Tiffany Lane –Judges comments:  Powerful impact, especially from a distance.

2nd Place: Gilda Meyers– Judges comments: Excellent design

3rd Place: Susan Gibson– Judges comments: Great use of value

Honorable Mention: Gilda Meyers– Judges comments: Imaginative use of light and texture.

Works on Canvas

1st Place: Sandra Davis– Judges comments: Wonderful sense of 3 dimensional space

2nd Place: Judith Cantrell–Judges comments: Excellent use of texture and color

3rd Place: Judith Cantrell–Judges comments: Strong composition

Honorable Mention: Sandra Davis –Judges comments: Charming depiction of flowers


1st Place: Carolyn McCullough –Judges comments: Elegant Design

2nd Place: Sharon Chambers– Judges comments: Whimsical use of pattern and color

3rd Place: Carolyn McCullough — Judges comments: Great use of texture

Honorable Mention: Carolyn McCullough– Judges comments: Great color and composition


1st Place: Ben Campbell –Judges comments: Compelling image, good composition

2nd Place: Jo Eldridge

3rd Place: Betty Acheson

Honorable Mention: Patricia Trulock– Judges comments: Engaging subject

This show will be up through the end of October. If you missed the opening reception, be sure to drop by the gallery during regular hours:  11 am to 2 pm Tuesdays, 10 am to 3 pm Wednesdays through Saturdays. It’s a great exhibit.

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