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Worry Ends Where Faith Begins

Worry-wart… there it was. Such a sweet term of endearment I had just been labeled with? Worry is not a positive word. Wart certainly doesn’t conjure up anything pretty. And it was the word that so perfectly described myself, as a new mom, but certainly wasn’t a title I wanted to wear proudly.

While for us women, our greatest worry can be the fear of something happening to our children, for men, it can be the worry of providing for their family. It seems natural and harmless. It may be the standard that we use to justify how devoted we are to our families… by the amount of worry and the steps we take within our own power to protect and provide.

And then there’s the day that He humbles us and reminds us that worry ends where faith begins. The day that He reminds us that it is He who is in control and has assigned a number of days not only to our own lives, but to that of our children as well, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” (Matthew 6:27).  When we worry, we are essentially telling God that we do not have faith that He is able… but we do.

Worry is such a close cousin to fear and both have a way of seeping into our lives, whether worrying about a child when they are spending the night away to worrying about our personal finances. It is one of the most powerful tools in the Enemy’s arsenal that causes us to doubt, question, or test our own faith. He cunningly uses it to distract us from what God’s purpose is for us.

According to one Bible text search, “fear not,” or the equivalent to that, is said 365 times.  Hmmm? And how many days are in a year? Don’t you love our faithful God who equips us with a new scripture for each day that we may not be tempted by something as harmless as fear or worry!

As mothers, we want to be a positive influence in our children’s lives and we know that it is not always through the words we say but the example of the life we live. We do not want to raise children who watch us be paralyzed in fear by all of the “what-ifs” and in turn, stifle them.

As mothers, we will want to protect our children and be concerned about their overall well-being.  That is one of the single most important facets of our job as mothers. Most women are mentally exhausted at the end of the day because we simply can’t turn the wheels off with simple questions. Did they brush their teeth? Are they cold? Are they ready for the test? Are they catching a cold? But, as women of faith, we must trust the Holy Spirit when those pulses of fear pierce our heart and debilitate us, clouding our judgement with all of the “what-ifs.” And, suddenly a trip to the lake with your sister’s family turns into visions of a boating accident that could injure your child… or worse.

We have to remember that first, they are God’s children, and we are simply blessed to have them in our lives. We have to understand that as great as our love is for them, His is greater. We have to trust that while we think we are in control, it is He who knows the numbers of hairs on their head and their number of days with us. Will knowing this keep us from worrying about our children? Absolutely not! But maybe it will help us recognize when fear and worry are beginning to run away with us and cause us to pause and reflect on His truths. Yes, I believe in the power and provision of prayer. But, I have to realize that I cannot control my children’s safety. Not by my prayers, not by my worries, and certainly not by my fears.

All for His Glory –


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  1. Good advice for us Dad’s as well.

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