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You Know You Live In a Third World Country When …


1) The people who run the government refuse to participate in the health plan they designed for the nation. (This is really remarkable when you think about it. We are being told what’s good for us, literally – and how wonderful it is – while our politicians create hugely expensive, exotic health care plans for themselves.) Basically what this says is: “There are things that are good enough for you, but nowhere near good enough for us” – the perfect example of third world dialogue.

2) Presidents live like Sheiks. Our president and his family spend more money on yearly vacations than the average business sees in 20 years of effort. (It is estimated that the four “Christmas” vacations taken by the Obama family have come in well over the $20 million mark.) Even Chavez of Venezuela came in behind Obama for monies spent on personal pleasure. The numbers are comparable to lower-range oil sheiks. The Obama family pays for a movie projectionist to be available 24 hours a day, in case they want to watch a movie. They spend $102,000 a year for a “dog handler,” who flies in a separate aircraft with “Bo” to wherever they go, and Lord, our first lady likes her vacations – in the last year or so it is estimated she spent 42 days flitting around the world while her husband gave speeches on the necessity of “austerity measures” in America. Michelle and the family spent $467K in Spain, another huge hunk of cash in Colorado, and $424K for just the flight and flight crew to Botswana, Africa. I could go, on but I think you get the picture (even if you don’t have a 24-hour-a-day projectionist).

3) You have rising unemployment and poverty, which are both bleaker than portrayed by official reports; when elections become fixed, and the people in power cook the books: There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the IRS has become an extension of the latest administration, and last year we watched the head of national Unemployment Agency say with a straight face just three days before the presidential election that unemployment had fallen a whopping three points. Everyone knew then, democrats and conservatives alike, that this president had finally stepped over the accepted boundaries of integrity and honor, and his political machine had coerced an agency of the U.S. government to produce false documentation to change the outcome of an election. The poverty rates in America continue to rise, regardless of the slant the Whitehouse hawkers put on it. More people are out of work and more people are living in poverty in this country than any time since the Great Depression.

4) When you have Increasing political corruption: Anthony (let me show you pictures of my last name) Weiner, San Diego Mayor Bob (I’m just a hugger) Filner, New York Governor Elliot (the call girl king) Spitzer, Mayor Marion (it wasn’t my cocaine) Barry, Rod (I’m $#@@& golden) Blagojevich, President Bill (I never had sex with that woman) Clinton – would you like me to go on?

5) When you have a disappearing middle class: Where there were assembly line jobs and even some white collar positions, we are now finding machines and exotic software. The hard truth is, business owners are being squeezed in every direction, from higher taxes to the looming Obamacare insurance policies, and they are forced to find ways to survive. If a machine can do the job of an employee, the machine gets the job. This logic has been reinforced by political correctness, forcing employers to hire a percentage of people that don’t even try to perform at a high level, because their race secures their job. A machine shows up on time, doesn’t need cigarette breaks (or prayer mat time outs), and it doesn’t call in sick because the fourth new baby had to go to the doctor.

6) When you have government control of the media: Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more that one generation away from extinction. It’s not passed to our children in the bloodstream.” If he’s watching what’s happening with this administration and the press, he has to be rolling over in his grave. The Obama administration, hand in hand with three of the four largest television groups, and both the major social networks, generates it’s own content and image in a fashion the richest celebrities envy. It’s all straight out of a George Orwell novel. At the same time, this administration limits press access in a fashion never seen before in the history of the office, and Obama’s “press organizers” have a Hitler-like Brown Shirts attitude about controlling questions or situations the president doesn’t want to deal with. Even so, the liberal press hounds are so enamored of their African-American Castro, they now function as a virtual Whitehouse news agency, generally ignoring the bad and lapping up the good. In addition, the FCC, having effectively co-opted with the major networks, is now closing in on talk radio controls and internet “neutrality”).

Welcome to third world America. Just remember the immortal words of Kansas Stamps, “Sometimes if your not careful, you actually get what you deserve.”

The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ownership and staff of The Polk County Pulse. Michael Reisig is a freelance writer and published author whose works are reproduced throughout the globe.