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[File Photo] Contestants of the 2016 Miss Sweetcheeks Pageant line up for a picture. All proceeds from the comedic pageant benefit the American Cancer Society through Polk County Relay for Life.

‘Zeyonce’ Crowned 2015 Miss Sweet Cheeks

These courageous but dazzling darlings came together for a great cause on stage during Saturday night’s Miss Sweet Cheeks Male Beauty Pageant hosted by the Courthouse Heroes Relay for Life team.

The event was successful in raising $2,052 for the American Cancer Society.

Taking top honores were: Miss Sweet Cheeks & Miss Congeniality were Zeyonce (aka Zane Sherrer); 1st Runner-Up Sharon Husbands (aka Jason Parnell); People Choice Award went to Laney Nosinga (aka Milan Ozanich).

L-R: Little Miss Muffin (aka James Hale); Laney Nosinga (aka Milan Ozanich); Sharon Husbands (aka Jason Parnell); Annika Skywalker (aka Andy Philpot); Allota Delicious Naughty (aka David Sachs) and Zeyonce (aka Zane Sherrer).


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