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2018 Ouachita Quilt Show Results


The Ouachita Quilt Show Committee thanks everyone who participated in making this year’s Quilt Show a big success.  We are pleased to announce the winners in the following categories:


BEST OF SHOW:  Elaine Graves ,  “Purple Star Quilt”

PEOPLES’ CHOICE:  Nancy Jo Baker, “Many Mini Rose Gardens”


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  Mary-Sheba Graves, “Ahhh, 1969 Tree of Life”

CIRCUIT JUDGE:  Linda Bento, “Mustang Round Up”

CITY CLERK:  Sandra Hartley, “Aegean Sea”

COUNTY JUDGE:  Faye Martin, “Stars and Stripes”

COUNTY SHERIFF:  Mary Meier, “Lone Star”

CHIEF OF POLICE:  Erma Mize, “Sunshine”

MAYOR OF MENA:  Nancy Philpot, “Remembering the 30’s”

MAYOR OF COVE:   Jane Pate, “Goin’ Huntin’”

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY:  Ann Garrett, “Christmas Cabins”

COUNTY CLERK:  Joyce Sanden, “Sea Green/Blue Pleiades Constellation”

MENA STAR:  Gayle Wilson, “Crazy Fusion”

THE PULSE:  Mary-Sheba Graves, “On the Wings of a Dove”

KENA:  Shannon Young, “A Tendonitis Sufferer, That’s What I’m Going to Be for Halloween”

ART GALLERY:  Sharon Chambers, “The Penguins”

UARM:  Shirley Baker, “Double Wedding Ring”

MENA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS:  Sharon Chambers, “Four Block”

A & P COMMISSION:  Ruth Dilbeck, “Violet Garden”

NIMBLE THIMBLE QUILT GUILD:  Ann Ferris, “Christmas Sampler”

JUDGES OF SHOW:  Shannon Young, “Arkansas is Home”

Nancy Jo Baker,  “Many Mini Rose Gardens

VENDORS CHOICE:  Nancy Jo Baker, “Red, White, Blue”

Sharon Chambers, “Winter Lilies”

SHOW COMMITTEE:   Sandra Hartley, “Elephants”

Stephanie Povey, “Weekend Quickie”

Sharon Chambers,  “The Elephants”



HAND PIECED/MACHINE QUILTED:  1st  – Mike Beard, “Mommy’s Retro-poly Flower Garden”

MACHINE PIECED/HAND QUILTED:  1st – Nancy Jo Baker, “Red, White, Blue”; 2nd  Bonnie Kerns -“Log Cabin”; 3rd – Faye Martin, “Stars and Stripes”


MACHINE PIECED/LONG ARM ALL OVER QUILTED:  1ST – Pam Ferguson, “Civil War Replica”;

2nd – Pam Ferguson, “Log Cabin Sampler”; 3rd – Joyce Sanden, “Sea Green/Blue Pleiades Constellation”

MACHINE PIECED/LONG ARM CUSTOM QUILTED:  1ST – Shannon Young, “Arkansas is Home”;

2nd – Wyona Abbott, “Square in a Square”;  3rd – Shirley Baker, “Double Wedding Ring”

MACHINE PIECED/LONG ARM COMPUTERIZED:  1st– Ann Ferris, “Scrappy Nine Patch”

COMBINED TECHNIQUES/HAND QUILTED:  1st – Mary-Sheba Graves, “Pink Poppy”

HAND APPLIQUE/HAND QUILTED:  1st – Mary-Sheba Graves, “Ahhh, 1969 Tree of Life”;

2nd – Sharon Chambers, “Thousand Oaks”

HAND APPLIQUE/MACHINE QUILTED:  1ST – Carol Carlyle, “Folk Art Christmas”; Elaine Graves, “Scrappy Dresden Heart”; 3rd – Linda Bento, “Reaching Out”

MACHINE APPLIQUE/MACHINE QUILTED:  1st – Jane Pate, “Fantastic”; 2nd – Shannon Young, “The Street Where You Live”

WALL HANGING/HAND QUILTED:  1ST – Sharon Chambers, “The Owls”; 2nd – Kathy Stucker, “Yellow Butterflies”; 3rd – Kathy Stucker, “Red Butterflies”

WALL HANGING/MACHINE QUILTED:  1st – Ann Ferris, “Christmas Sampler”; 2nd – Marcia Norris, “Kaleidoscope”; 3rd – Kay Meacham Brown, “Ladybug”

LAP QUILT/HAND QUILTED:  1st – Bernice Philpot, “Playful Mice”

LAP QUILT/MACHINE QUILTED:  1st – Elaine Graves, “Purple Star Quilt”; 2nd – Kay Meacham Brown, “Target Practice”; 3rd – Sharon Chambers, “The Penguins”

BABY QUILT:  1st – Mary-Sheba Graves, “Circus”; 2nd – Linda Craig, “Noah’s Ark”; 3rd – Ann Garrett, “Baby Twister”

APPAREL:  1st – Stephanie Povey, “Weekend Quickie”

ORIGINAL DESIGN:  1st – Shannon Young, “A Tendonitis Sufferer—That’s What I’m Going To Be For Halloween”; 2nd – Kathy Stucker, “Log Cabin Hearth”; 3rd – Kathy Stucker, “Promise of Bounty”

FIRST QUILT:  2nd – June Blaine, “Happy Garden”

GROUP QUILT:  1st – Nancy Jo Baker, “Many Mini Rose Gardens”; 2nd – Ann Ferris, “Pink”

HAND EMBROIDERED QUILT/HAND QUILTED:  1st – Mary-Sheba Graves, “On the Wings of a Dove”; 2nd – Ruth Dilbeck, “Violet Garden”

HOME DÉCOR:  1st – Pam Ferguson, “Christmas Starts”; 2nd – Ann Ferris, “Patriotic Table Runner”; 3rd – Nancy Jo Baker, “Purple Flange Table Runner”

OTHER:  2nd – Pam Ferguson, “Sewing Machine Pad”

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