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A-Z Rental: The Big Toy Store for Contractors & Weekend Warriors


Every year at this time, folks are gearing up for their latest remodel or home project. The nice Spring weather and tax returns make this an ideal time to finish that big weekend project, or the honey-do’s. In whatever situation, help is just down the road. Steve Graves at A-Z Rentals has all the rental equipment that anyone will need to complete their list of projects, even experienced contractors. There is equipment from small to big that is sure to make those Spring and Summer projects easier.

Steve and his wife, Angie, are recognizable faces in the community after serving the people of Mena and Polk County in the dry cleaning business. They owned and operated K&K Cleaners for 21 years before selling out. Steve and Angie’s kids, Leslyn, Ben, and Ross, spent much of their time at the cleaners with Mom and Dad. “We had a good time down there with them. We had a play area in the back for them that they could have all their toys in. It was like spending each day together,” recalls Steve.

While raising their family, the Graves were actively supporting and volunteering with their childrens’ sports. People could often find the Graves at a ball game with one of their kids, or Steve could be seen at the Aubrey Tapley Baseball Park volunteering his time.

In 2008, when the rest of things were slowing down in the economy and things were moving slower at the cleaners, Steve began to think about other areas to work and give his time. “We love Mena and the people here. We didn’t want to leave and I wanted to do something a little different so we kept our eyes open,” says Steve. Shortly after this, the property and buildings that sit on the A-Z rental site were for sale and Steve was interested. After much thought and consideration, Steve purchased the business and began his work. “I was excited about starting, I have a back ground working in mechanics and with equipment and so I thought it could be fun,” recalls Steve with a smile.

A-Z Rental is a one stop shop for all your project needs. If painting is the next thing to check off the list, Steve has paint sprayers that can make the job easier. Maybe the job is a little bigger, Steve has scissor lifts and boom lifts to help get you to the height needed for repairs. There is equipment of all sizes and for all projects, Steve will have something to meet the needs of the customer. “We have a variation of equipment, anything from a chainsaw to an excavator.” Not only does Steve rent equipment for the weekend warriors finishing their project, but he welcomes contractors as well. “Often, contractors need equipment from a new job and rather than having to bring it in from somewhere else, I can get them what they need here,” explains Steve.

Not only is there a great selection of equipment and tools that may be needed, Steve is committed to making sure that each customer leaves comfortable knowing how to operate the equipment. “I’ve done my homework on our equipment and know the maintenance and care they need. Before each customer leaves I walk them through exactly how to use the rental so they feel comfortable.” To ensure that the job gets done correctly, Steve has assembled a good line of equipment to be rented. His background in mechanics and equipment gives him the knowledge needed to access the quality of the equipment. “Before any piece of equipment is rented and goes out, I inspect it to make sure it is up to my standard and is ready for the work. Only then, do I allow it to be rented,” says Steve.

One of the things that Steve enjoys about the rental business is helping people finish their projects. He doesn’t just rent them equipment to do this, Steve loves sitting down with people to look at what they are working on so that he can ensure they get the best help and tools necessary. Steve says, “When I get the opportunity to work with somebody that is trying to finish their remodel project and I feel like I was able to help, that’s what it is about.”

Whether it’s contract work, or finishing the last task around the house, Steve at A-Z can help you finish well. It’s easy to rent, drop in and see Steve or give him a call, and reserve tools and equipment today! Rental prices are based on daily use, equipment can be reserved for one day, or a week to finish the big projects. “Come in and see me, we will have something to make whatever it is you are doing easier,” says Steve.

A-Z Rental is located on Highway 71 just behind Sweet Peas Photography and is opened 7:30-5pm. Drop in to see the rental equipment selection, or give Steve a call at 479-394-1300.

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