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Acorn Elementary Polk County Spelling Bee Contestants

The following Acorn Elementary School students qualify for the Polk County Spelling Bee. The students are: First grade, Stephanie Ham (1st place), Caleb Young (2nd place), and Ty Kesterson (alternate). Second grade: Makenna Pippen (1st place), Evan Yu (2nd place), Tyler Pippen (alternate). Third grade: Kenzie Daniels (1st place), Sophie Strasner (2nd place), Kensey Rosson (alternate).  Fourth grade: Jayden Willborg (1st place), Rachael Miller (2nd place), Emily Holloway (alternate).  Fifth grade:  Raeghan Weddle (1st place), Kiersten Larucci (2nd place), Zephan Stevens (alternate). The Polk County Spelling Bee will be held on January 15, 2015.

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