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Act 738 in School Zones Defined

(MENA)  With the start of the new school year last week, a new law that affects drivers in school zones has created some confusion.

Act 738 approved this year by the Arkansas State Legislature does not allow for the use of cell phones within school zones for any reasons, with one exception… if the vehicle is in park and not moving.

A school zone is located near a school building within 300 feet of a school building, that has children present.

Mena City Chief of Police Tommy Stueart talked with KENA Radio about the new law.

Mena Police are also watching for drivers that may not adhere to the new law with a NO TOLERANCE stance and are also following buses, to ensure that drivers are not passing school buses when their lights are flashing.

Fines for the use of a cell phone or tablet device within a school zone and start at $25 per incident and increases each time that you violate that law. The maximum fine is $500

It is also against the law to pass a school bus with their red lights on, while on a four-lane highway such as U.S. Highway 71, unless, there is a concrete divider on the roadway.

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