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Adams Honored with Antony Hobbs Award in Little Rock

Steve Sullivan from KATV channel 7 presented Timmery Adams with the Antony Hobbs Award on April 14th, 2014 at the 5th annual Full Court Awards banquet in Little Rock, AR.Timmerie-2

Antony Hobbs was a remarkable young man who loved life and especially basketball. Antony was playing for the Little Rock Parkview Patriots when he collapsed on the court and passed away secondary to an undiagnosed heart condition.  This award was set up in his memory to honor one female and one male in the state each year that has demonstrated excellence both on and off the court.  Nominees must demonstrate high moral character, be a team leader both on and off the court, excel in academics and love life as Antony did.

Karen Murphy, a friend of the family, nominated Timmery for this honor. The family said that they were told that there were hundreds of nominations from all over the state for this award, so it truly is an honor for Timmery to have received it.

Timmery has accomplished many things in her high school years. She is ranked #1 in her graduating class with a GPA of 4.3 as well as a 4.0 GPA in her 21 completed college hours. She has received many athletic and academic awards. She has been very active in school organizations as well as community events. Timmery has also been able to be an All District Basketball player, an All-State Track/Pole Vaulter, and member of a 4x State Champion Cross Country team.

The most impressive thing about all of this; however, is that Timmery has achieved all of this while living with a rare chronic genetic syndrome.  Timmery has a condition now known as Primary Ciliary Dyskenesia (with Situs Inversus).  Basically, this means that all of Timmery’s internal organs are reversed and that her cilia, the little microscopic hairs throughout our body that “sweep out the bad stuff”, are not functional. She has to do daily treatments such as nasal washes, nebulizers and therapy vest treatments just to help prevent further sinus and lung disease.  .

Timmery is the picture of health on the outside. In fact, since she didn’t come to Acorn until the 10th grade, many of her current classmates have no idea how much of her life she has spent in and out of the hospital. She has had 9 sets of ear tubes, several bronchoscopies, 4 sinus surgeries, an adnoidectomy, a Nissen Fundoplication as well as countless pneumonias and IV antibiotic rounds to treat infections.

Though PCD is something that is constantly presenting new challenges, Timmery refuses to let it get her down.  As a matter of fact, Timmery prefers to think that PCD stands for “Perfectly Created Different” and insists that

“It is what I have, not who I am.”  She says that living with a rare disease just means that you have to push yourself and work a little harder to reach your goals. The good thing is, you truly appreciate what you are able to accomplish because you know what it took to get you there.


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