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Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council Considers New Polk County Club


The Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council is one of the largest nonprofit volunteer groups in the state with a membership of 6,000 and clubs in every county. Extension Homemakers, the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas, and the United States Department of Agriculture are partners in providing education to families throughout Arkansas. We are made up of homemakers, career women, retirees and mothers who are interested in learning how to make home and family life easier and more efficient, while also giving back to our communities through education and service opportunities.

Deedee Alston, of Holly Springs Homestead, is establishing a new club here in Polk County and will be holding a special interest meeting on Friday, August 18 from 12-1 pm at the Extension Education Building at 211 DeQueen Street.  DeeDee sees the goal of her club as providing mentorship and sharing through the ages.  This will include learning tips, tricks and knowledge from those with much life experience in the areas of food preservation and family life.

Organziers hope you will join them in the special interest meeting on Friday, August 18 from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.  For questions, you may call the Extension office at 394-6018.

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