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Auditions to be Held for ‘Eyes of the Apostle’


Auditions for the OLT spring production of Eyes of the Apostle will be held on Thursday, January 22 and Friday, January 23, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, both nights.  Additional auditions will be held Saturday, January 24 from 9:00 am until noon.

The auditions will be held upstairs in the newly prepared rehearsal room in the theatre. If you can’t make it on those dates send a message from the OLT web site at “contact us.”

Rehearsal for Dixie Swim Club will be taking place in the auditorium. Please do not disturb their effort as you enter the theatre.

You will be asked to fill out an audition form and read from the script.  A copy of the script can be found on the OLT web site ( by clicking on the picture of John.  This will be a large cast, and in order to help the directors select participants we will take photographs of all those who audition in order to keep everyone straight.  Performances will be March 20 -29.

While there are still some possible minor changes in the script, the following is a list of possible characters that will be cast:

Jesus, Bash, The Elderly John, Rual, The Young John, Er….a disciple (no name), John the Baptist, Korah, Cerinthus, Omar, Deb, Shem, Enos….A disciple (No name), Cousin to Woman at the Well, Cainan-Father of Blind Man, Thomas, Mahal-Simon of Cyrene, Lazarus, Mary-Mother of Jesus, James, Ruth, Martha, Governor of the Feast-Nobleman, Mary-Sister of Martha, Nathan, High Priest, Andrew, Judas, Simon Peter, Band of Men at Garden, Philip, Malchus, Nathaniel, Young Lady confronting Peter, Jarad, Pontius Pilate, Shulken, Soldiers, Mebak, Joseph of Aramathea-A disciple (No name), Karob, Mary Magdalene, Rosh, Mary Mother of James-Mother of Blind Man, Woman at the Well, Boy with Loaves and Fishes, Nicodemus, Children Who Sang on Palm Sunday, Enoch, Mary-Wife of Clopus, Lamel, Simon of Cyrene, Eewer, Hirah.


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