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Tammy and Julianna are two of Avants' residents and consider themselves best friends. The pair sported Christmas attire for the Open House and gladly welcomed visitors at the door.

Avants Group Hosts Open House


Avants Group Living Center held Open House on Friday, December 8, to allow visitors to meet their residents and staff and to see what services they provide. Avants is a branch of the Polk County Developmental Center and is led by Director Stephanie Moore.

The facility has been in the same location since it’s opening day, more than 30 years ago. Two of their current residents have lived their since they opened and enjoy the quality of life and somewhat independent living they have at the facility.

In total, nine women live in the home and some participate in PCDC programs, such as education and work programs, while others have reached retirement age. The staff at Avants assists in daily activities as well as taking them to doctor and dentist appointments. “We take them to the beauty shop. We have a couple of ladies that go to the library. Once in a while, we take them all out to dinner. If they want to go somewhere special, we try to work the schedule where that can happen,” Moore explained.

Avants Group Living Center is located at 210 Bullion Street in Mena. For more information, give them a visit, or call 479-394-4040.

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