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Bell Not to Seek Re-Election


I’ve been approached by quite a few people about the possibility of running for a 4th term as your state representative.

During my first campaign in 2010, I promised my wife and our daughters that if they would allow me to serve for 3 terms, I would not seek additional elected office. Phyllis, Tori, and Hannah have supported me despite the financial hardships, loss of privacy, and other considerations that go along with service in the legislature and I am forever grateful to them for allowing me the flexibility necessary for me to be a part of Arkansas’s state government for the past 4 ½ years.
The 2016 campaign season will begin in just a few short months and although I’ve already made it clear to those who know me, I want to publicly announce to everyone in District 20 that I will not be seeking re-election and will be leaving elected office in January of 2017 when the 91st General Assembly convenes. It’s time for someone else to step forward.
It has been the highlight of my life to serve as your representative. We’ve made a lot of positive changes in government that will benefit our state for generations and I’m proud that I could be a part of beginning the shift away from a steadily expanding bureaucracy and towards a more pro-liberty and less hassle state government.
I’m looking forward to continuing to work for you for the next year and a half but I’m also looking forward to returning to a quieter, simpler and less stressful way of life at the conclusion of this term.
I want to once again thank you for the confidence you have placed in me by electing me by overwhelming margins three times.
I’ve done my absolute best to honor that trust, to give you my best efforts every day and to leave Arkansas as a better place to live, work and raise a family. History will decide the value of those efforts.
Thanks again for the opportunity to be your voice in Little Rock.

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