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CATIO Cat Structure Needed For Shelter

(MENA)  The Humane Society of the Ouachita’s is looking for a few good carpenters for a much needed project.

The CATIO brand products are wonderful and we would love one for our Cat Habitats, so our cats could enjoy a little of the outdoors!

But the brands are also expensive. So, the no – kill animal shelter staff is wondering if any of you Skilled Builders out there would bless the Humane Society of the Ouachita’s cats with your extra time and energy to build a catio-style outdoor play habitat.

Or if you know of someone who you think would be interested in helping in this way, please let us know on who they would be.

According to staff members, there are a lot of websites which provide plans and building ideas for “Do It Yourself” catio structures.

Please email Tina at for more details like size of structure needed!

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