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‘Changing of the Colors’ Rally to begin October 17

The Changing of the Colors Rally is just around the corner in our area. For those that don’t know the Rally is an annual event held by the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) held at Iron Mountain in Hatfield. It is the largest camp meeting, revival, family friendly gathering with motorcycle riding in the nation.

The rally will begin Wed., Oct. 17 and last through Sun., Oct. 21 culminating in a Bike Parade from Iron Mountain into downtown Mena.

Every day of the rally will hold special events. Each day will feature a morning and evening service with prayer, worship and encouragement from the CMA National Leadership Team. There will be a Youth Movement for ages 13 and over and a Kidz for Christ program for 4 to 12-year-olds.

The CMA Goodie Store will be open, praise and worship will be held, seminars will be given and parade and bike games will be played.

The rally will also include member training for the adult and youth movements and Run for the Son Fundraiser booths will be set up.

CMA CEO/Chairman John Ogden, Sr. will be the Keynote Speaker Sat., Oct. 20 beginning at 7 p.m.

Immediately before the rally a National Leadership Conference will be held beginning Sun., Oct. 14 and ending Tues., Oct. 16. State Coordinators, Area Reps, Regional RFS Team Leads and Goodie Reps are all invited to attend to share CMA’s vision, growing skills and increasing knowledge.

CMA was founded in 1975 with the simple vision of bringing the Gospel of Christ to bikers. Apparently bigger plans were in store for the group. There are currently over 1,000 chapters in 40 countries helping spread the word of God.

The CMA’s fundraiser, Run for the Son, has been raising money and reinvesting it into God’s Kingdom for the last 35 years. In fact over $15 million dollars has been raised and given to help provide transportation all over the world, and it’s not just in the form of motorcycles, it also includes bicycles, boats, horse and buggies, camels, wheelchairs and snowmobiles to pastors and evangelists in over 107 nations.

CMA’s vision is “Changing the world, one heart at a time.” They work to accomplish this vision through: evangelistic outreach primarily, but not exclusively, to the motorcycling community; Run for the Son, where CMA partners with ministries with world-reaching potential; equipping members in ministry training that aligns itself with Biblical truths; having a servant’s attitude to the world and to their members, providing quality products that aid in evangelistic outreach and by providing an effective Support Center Team.

The CMA Mission is simple, “To inspire our leaders and members to be the most organized, advanced, equipped, financially stable organization, full of integrity in the motorcycling industry and the Kingdom of God.”

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