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Christ Community Fellowship Places Bible in Foundation


A group of CCF members met at 7:45 a.m. on October 5th at the building site on Hwy 88 E, for an informal but very meaningful ceremony, the placing of a Bible in the foundation of Christ Community Fellowship.

To quote Pastor Lance Sawyer: “We have been working toward this day for a long time.  We have been praying toward this day for a long time.

“One of the many reasons that helped make it a long time is this Church really is built on a rock. There is a whole lot of rock right here. Many of you have heard that a whole lot of jack-hammering had to be done. In a way that can be a bad thing, but like everything else, bad things have a good side to them. What we will remember and will really matter once it is all here and we drive by and look, and we walk into these doors and we see people coming from all over, we will remember that this Church is really built on a rock.

“We are here to place a Bible – right here in the place that’s going to be the hallway.  People who do not even know it, people who will not even be paying any attention now to CCF on this day in 2016 will walk over it, bringing their kids into the nursery, teenagers will be going to their youth groups. All people who will be learning about Christ and about the Word of God, are going to be standing on the Rock, they are going to be standing on this Bible, and they’re going to be standing on a lot of promises.”

This Bible was given to Shelton Bohlman, by Dr. Austin and his family, on his 22nd birthday. “It’s a very special Bible to Shelton, not just a throw away, it means a lot to him. But after we talked some, he decided that nothing better could possibly be done with this Bible than to be placed right here – right now,” said Sawyer.

The pastor read Matthew 16:16, 17 and led in singing the chorus of On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand. Shelton knelt and placed his Bible in the place that was prepared in the foundation. Pastor Lance followed with a powerful prayer of dedication.

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