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Cossatot River School District Names Incoming Superintendent


The Cossatot River School District has announced their next Superintendent following current Superintendent Donnie Davis’ retirement announcement. Davis will finish his educational career at Cossatot River on June 30, 2018 and longtime educator Jim Tankersley will pick up his duties on July 1, 2018.

Davis said, “When I came to Cossatot River School District approaching four years ago, there were many challenges that faced the district.  I took the challenges one at a time, one day at a time, but find myself leaving some of those challenges for my successor to resolve.”

Davis also praised the staff and faculty in the district for their part in making Cossatot River School District a success. “Along with those challenges were many resources with which to help. I appreciate the CRSD School Board, the principals, the Central Office staff, the many teaching and support staff, and many patrons of the several CRSD communities for supporting me during my time here.”

Tankersley hails from a little further south, but has a connection to the area from serving as principal of Wickes High School in the 1990’s. Currently, Tankersley is the Superintendent of Leary Independent School District in Leary, Texas. He has served in education for 39 years and his wife is an educator as well, currently as principal of Foreman Elementary School in Foreman, Arkansas. He served there as well for 18 years before going to Leary.

He is excited about the opportunity to serve in the area again and said he enjoys that the district has “a good reputation in its staff and students” and is ready for the challenge. “I’ve worked in all different kinds and sizes of districts. I like variety and I’m ready for a change. I have grandkids in Cossatot River School District so I look forward to being able to spend more time with them.” Tankersley is also looking forward to the area’s outdoor activities. “I’m on a deer lease down there and I fish on Gillham Lake,” he said.

He intends to “pick up where Donnie [Davis] left off” and would like to see a forward movement resulting in “better test scores and better opportunities” and says that he “wants kids to grow up in a safe environment.”

Cossatot River School District includes several campuses in both Polk and Howard Counties. In Polk County, Vandervoort Elementary and Wickes Elementary are under the Cossatot River umbrella, along with Cossatot River High School. In Howard County, Umpire Schools are part of the district. For more information on their campuses, staff, activities, and more visit their website: