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Cotton Statement on Reports That the Castro Regime has Arrested Elizardo Sanchez

Cotton Statement on Reports That the Castro Regime has Arrested Elizardo Sanchez

Washington, D.C.— Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on reports that the Castro regime has arrested Elizardo Sanchez, a prominent and peaceful human-rights activist in Cuba, on the eve of President Obama’s trip to Cuba:

“President Obama’s opening to Cuba has yielded little besides continued affronts, crackdowns, and oppression.  Now, on the eve of the president’s misguided trip to Cuba, the Castro regime arrested Elizardo Sanchez, a leading and peaceful human-rights activist with whom President Obama was scheduled to meet during his trip. It’s hard to imagine a more blatant, provocative, in-your-face humiliation of the United States. The irony is stark: while the Castros plan to welcome Obama with the pomp and circumstance fitting of a propaganda coup, their thugs welcomed a prominent dissident at the airport with arbitrary arrest and detention. Even if media reports of Sanchez’s release prove to be correct, President Obama ought to postpone his trip until the Castro regime explains the detention of Sanchez and lifts all restrictions on activities of other dissenters during the president’s trip. Anything less will invite more aggression not only from Cuba, but others adversaries as well, who will see once again there’s no price to pay under President Obama for humiliating the United States.”

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