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Council Reviews Grants for Possible City Improvements

(MENA)  Members of Mena City Council met Tuesday to discuss the approval of two grant application opportunities and also talked about the purchase of two much needed dump trucks for the city.

The city has the opportunity of being granted an Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism Outdoor Recreation Grant, that will further enhance the city’s parks, specifically Janssen and McMillan Parks.

The city held a public hearing last month to give the residents an opportunity to let the city know of what needs that they would like to see in the city.

The other grant application is for $149,400 for the rehabilitation project of the runway at Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport.

Council members also approved the purchase of two diesel dump trucks, those trucks are a 2012 and 2013 Internationals that would potentially replace two older gasoline operated trucks, that are in the current fleet of vehicles, that are nearly 20 years old.

Mayor Seth Smith briefly shared with members about the cost-sharing project with Polk County on resurfacing Fairgrounds Road in the South end of the city. That project will not cost more than $45,000.

Smith also told members of council that expenditures from the Special County Sales Tax Fund may be needed to assist Mena Water Utilities for costs associated with manhole repairs. Approximately 100 manholes will be repaired around the city, at a cost of $100,000.

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