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County Courthouse Gets Facelift


before.pic.8.16.15-webSenator Larry Teague recently assisted Polk County in obtaining a $16,000 GIF1 Community Enhancement Grant to have the Polk County Courthouse cleaned via a power wash. The grant was available through the Arkansas Rural Development Commission, and the Arkansas Department of Rural Services.

ch.after.pwr.wash.8.24.15-w“The exterior of the Courthouse has needed cleaning for years, but, with static revenue growth for the last several budgets, spending money on something that can be considered superficial, did not make sense. Recently we submitted for and obtained a grant from Arkansas Historic Preservation to do some tuck pointing on the roof caps and some brick replacement. When considering what new mortar from these repairs would look like in contrast, located in random places on the surface of the Courthouse, I just thought we needed to find a way to clean up the old mortar joints and the entire surface. I contacted Senator Teague and the Western Arkansas Planning and Development District and we were able to obtain funding through a General Improvement grant. The Polk County Courthouse belongs to all of us and it should be the centerpiece of our county. I am impressed with the outcome and I think the public will be too,” said Ellison.


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