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County Officials Honored at Masonic Lodge Awards Banquet


On Friday night, Polk County Sheriff Mike Godfrey and County Judge Brandon Ellison were honored as Men of the Year at the annual awards banquet held by two of the county’s Masonic Lodges.

Jack Peeples presented the awards on behalf of both Lodges. Peeples stated, “We recognize good people who do outstanding things in our community.”

Judge Ellison was chosen by Dallas Lodge #128 as their ‘Man of the Year.’ Ellison stated, “It’s an honor to receive this. Being county judge is something I enjoy doing; it’s a calling. Thank you for letting me be your county judge.”

Mountain Meadow Lodge #218 chose Sheriff Godfrey as their ‘Man of the Year.’  “I agree with Brandon, it’s a calling. I’m only as good in my office as my staff. I wouldn’t do anything else,” stated Godfrey.

James Earl Turner was also recognized and given a Meritorious Service Award for his work throughout the community.

The Lodges also recognized members of the Masons for various awards and services. The Pillars of Soloman, the highest award one can earn in the Masons, was given to Don Davis and James Richards and can only be given by the Grand Lodge, which resides over the state association of Masons. Good Citizen Awards were presented to Sandy Brooks and Jody Jennings.

Other members to be recognized for service and given awards were Steve Fortner, Mark Lazarus, Larry Winfield, Jerry Sims, Frank Rhodes, James Richards, David Jennings, Seth Lazarus, and Lou Brooks.


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