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Crafts, Baked Goods, Horticulture and More at the Fair


The county fair is just two weeks away – September 1-5!  I hope lots of you have been canning, sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting and doing other crafts to enter in the fair.  The fair is a great place to ‘show off’ your skills, win a ribbon and maybe a few dollars, as well.

Most entries in the Education Building will be taken on Tuesday, September 1, from noon until 6:00 pm.  Baked goods, candies and fresh cut flowers are taken on Wednesday, September 2, from 7:30 – 10:00 am. so they will be at their best for judging at 1:00 pm.  Garden and Farm crops can be brought either day.

Food Preservation entries must be canned in a regular canning jar with a new canning lid and band.  They do not have to be a Kerr jar with a Kerr lid, or a Ball jar with a Ball lid.  There is an additional award that you may be able to win if you do enter such a combination.

Clothing is a department where I would like to see more entries.  I know many of you out there are good seamstresses, but may think that everything must be perfect.  This is not the case; bring the best of what you have made.

We have Adult, Junior and Youth classes in the Creative Arts categories.  These include quilts, crochet, knitting, embroidery, rugs, Christmas crafts, toys, dolls, home décor, ceramics, clay-type products, plaster of Paris, jewelry, decorated clothing, household articles, models made with a kit or an original, wall hangings and more.

If any of you write poetry, we even have a class for that.  It can be hand written, typed, on decorated paper, or on just plain paper.

The Forestry department is where you enter anything made from recycled items, wood products, items made from native materials, furniture, an insect collection, baskets & wreaths and posters.  Posters can be on plant & tree id, fire prevention, conservation of live natural resources, conservation or recycling.

We have classes for both color and black & white photos.  They must be 8” x 10” in size and matted with an 11” x 14” mat or poster board.  We provide the clear sleeves to protect them from dust and fingerprints.

Horticulture is where you enter any flower arrangements, single flowers or potted plants.  The potted plants can be entered on Tuesday but the fresh cut flowers need to be brought in on Wednesday morning

A special department was started a few years ago called “Adults with Disabilities.”  Many of the entrants are PCDC clients, but you don’t have to be to enter.  Classes include painting, drawing, ceramics, crafts, woodworking, fiber, and Wild Card – any item not listed above.

Come out to the fair and bring as many entries as possible.  A few years ago we started a contest called “High Point Individual”, sponsored by Farm Bureau Women’s Committee.  After all the judging is over, we tally up points and determine which Adult, Junior and Youth have the most points.  These people win a special red, white, and blue ribbon.  See you at the fair!

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