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CRSD starts school year with new superintendent

By Jeri Pearson

WICKES – Students and staff were greeted by a new face at Cossatot River School District during the Back-to-School Meet and Greet Saturday.

The event, held at the high school, was organized to welcome students back to school and give the community an opportunity to meet the new Superintendent, Tyler Broyles.

Free food, giveaways and activities including water slides and kids games as well as a live radio remote with music and a Treasure Chest filled with cash and prizes were available to those in attendance.

Cossatot School District started the school year Tuesday and is reminding parents and caregivers that thanks to a federal waiver impacting all school districts in the country, students at Cossatot River School District will receive school breakfasts and lunches at no cost. 

Broyles has clearly embraced being the districts new leader and has made attempts to engage and communicate with community members, students and parents.

Broyles shared a back to school update to the Cossatot River School District through a video on You Tube, which was shared by the district’s Facebook page.

“We are looking forward to an outstanding school year and are excited to have all of you back,” Broyles said. 

In the video he highlighted how the school will handle COVID positive cases and exposures and directed parents to a FAQ document which was released recently through email, the districts website and social media as well as through text.

Highlights included:

Mask are optional and are not required, but are highly encouraged when social distancing is not possible. 

Mask are available for students who want to use them. 

The district will continue to sanitized regularly, provide and encourage the use of hand sanitizer, provide touch-less water dispensers.

Broyles said as a new superintendent in the community, he receives questions frequently.

“One consistent question I get is, do I plan to close down any of our district buildings,” he said. “I want to reassure everyone that I have no plans of closing down any of our district buildings. In fact, I want to build up each campus to be even stronger than what it already is because I am proud of what each campus has to offer.”

Another question on the minds of community members is what is the status of the athletics field project. 

“I am excited to share with everyone that right now we are in communications with a general contractor,” Broyles said. “If we can reach an agreement we hope to get the athletics field project complete as soon as possible.”

Broyles said he appreciates the warm welcome and participation from community members and parents.

“We are looking forward to everyone returning to campus, it is going to be a great year at Cossatot River School District,” he said.

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