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Drew Plunkett sworn in by Hon. Thrailkill

By Ethan Nahté

Drew Plunkett, J.D., returned to Mena to be sworn in on April 23 by the Hon. Danny Thrailkill now that he has passed the Arkansas Bar Exam. Plunkett is now officially accepted into the State Bar of Arkansas.

Plunkett is a 2016 graduate of Mena High School, a 2019 graduate of Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, and a 2023 graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Law. He is the son of P.T. and Christy Plunkett, and the brother to Jake Plunkett.

Thrailkill spoke of the difficulty of taking one of the hardest tests there is before swearing Plunkett in.

As for his plans on the type of law he intends to practice and whether or not he anticipates practicing in Polk County and Mena, Plunkett said, “I appreciate the consideration! I would be delighted to return to Mena and serve the folks of Polk County one day, but I am going to seek some experience first.

“For now, I will be on the job hunt in the Northwest Arkansas area, where my fiancée, Kellie Kinne, is already a prosecuting attorney. My aim is to be a general practitioner, indeed.
“[I] Would not be the person I am today without growing up in the best town in Arkansas. I can wholeheartedly say that Mena is my favorite place. To be able to come back and work would be a great privilege.”

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