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Drug Activity Sends Two to ADC


Two Polk County men have been sentenced to terms in the Arkansas Department of Corrections following convictions that stemmed from drugs and drug activity. Both received hefty sentences, and one was booked into the Polk County Detention Center the day before his trial on additional drug charges.

Jason Tomblin of Mena pled guilty on his charges in Polk County Circuit Court last week after being arrested in April of this year. Tomblin was apprehended on April 3, 2017 after quick work by Mena Police Officers at a local motel. At that time, police had received information stating Tomblin had rented a room at the motel with the alleged intent to sell methamphetamine and also that he was “acting crazy.”

As officers approached the motel, Tomblin was sitting in his vehicle in front of his room. As Officer Ronnie Richardson made his way across the parking lot, Tomblin stepped out of the vehicle. As Richardson commanded Tomblin to get on the ground, Richardson stated that Tomblin kept looking inside the vehicle. As Tomblin moved towards the back of the vehicle, Richardson was able to close the distance and apprehend the subject. Since the vehicle was started, Richardson assumed that Tomblin kept looking inside the vehicle because he was considering fleeing. However, after Tomblin was apprehended, police found a loaded .22 pistol in the seat.

When Officer Curry arrived to transport Tomblin to jail, the subject began to threaten Chief Martin and Officer Curry. As Curry transported Tomblin to the Polk County Detention Center, Tomblin allegedly told Curry that he considered “shooting it out” with police and “wished he would have.”

After a search of the subject’s vehicle and motel room, officers found methamphetamine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia (including a pipe used to smoke marijuana and a used syringe), and cash. According to the report, Detective Gray took a confiscation report to Tomblin in jail for him to sign and, not only did Tomblin refuse to sign it, he also threatened Gray at that time.

In Polk County Circuit Court, Tomblin pled guilty to Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms, a Class Y Felongy and received a sentence of 480 months and Possession of Methamphetamine with the Purpose to Deliver, a Class C Felony and received 72 months. Tomblin’s sentences are to run concurrently, in essence, Tomblin received a total sentence of 40 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Bryan Edward Sturgis, age 50, of Mena was sentenced following a guilty verdict by a jury of his peers on August 31, 2017 Sturgis was convicted of Furnishing, Possessing, or Using Prohibited Articles, a Class B Felony and Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, Methamphetamine, a Class D Felony. Both carry a sentence of 48 months each, to run consecutively, or a total of eight years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Sturgis’ conviction stemmed from a December 30, 2016 arrest.

Ironically, Sturgis was picked up by Polk County Deputies on August 30, 2107, the day before his trial, on a bond revocation warrant and was allegedly carrying more drugs. According to police reports, Sturgis was seen at a local store in Mena and Deputy Justin Wagner made contact and placed Sturgis into handcuffs. During a personal search of Sturgis’ clothing, Wagner allegedly found a small black bag with a “glass pipe wrapped in a paper towel, two syringes, and a metal CCO can with clear crystals,” that is suspected to be methamphetamine. Two pills were also found as well as a “tube key chain” with a “white crystal residue,” among other items. When Sturgis was searched again at the Polk County Detention Center, a “homemade smoking device with marijuana residue” was also found. Sturgis was booked into the jail on counts of Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance and two counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

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