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Educational Co-Op Seeks Foster Grandparents

The DeQueen-Mena Education Co-Op is looking for Foster Grandparents to help out in county schools. As a Foster Grandparent, you can help in the county’s schools and daycares by tutoring at-risk students. Today, nearly 30,000 volunteers help more than 280,000 children nationwide. The DeQueen-Mena Education Co-Op has a Foster Grandparent program that is open to volunteers ages 55 and over and who can serve between 15 to 35 hours per week. A tax-free stipend is offered to help cover costs for income eligible volunteers.

Not only will you be helping children, studies have shown that older Americans who volunteer frequently tend to live longer and report better health. If you have questions about the Foster Grandparent tutoring program, contact the DeQueen-Mena Educational Co-Op at 870-386-2251.

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