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Families are Targets


To think of your family as the “hunted” is enough to spark every parent’s worst nightmare… but today’s traditional, God-centered families are under attack like never before by THE most cunning and evil enemy ever known. He seeks to devour families and everything they represent… they are a threat.

In the cross-hairs are the very values that embody the Christian faith. These families breed strong, well-versed warriors who are active on a battlefield that may resemble a child’s playground, an assembly-line in a factory, a college campus, or maybe even a check-out line at a grocery store.

Families are one of the many threads that are woven into the fabric of Christian faith and God’s Church from the beginning of time. It is evidenced throughout Scripture, both Old and New Testament. When we are born physically, we’re born into a physical family, but when we are “born again,” we are born into a spiritual family.

The sanctity of life is challenged in today’s society, arguing when life begins and confusing the issue when science proves otherwise. The sanctity of marriage is under attack like never before. Standing firm on truths about marital love is being confused with hatred and exclusion. Marriages are being treated more like business partnerships and contractual relationships, weighing financial benefits of receiving governmental or health benefits in relation to the marital status.  These marital contracts can flippantly be voided out, in some situations, in as little as 30 days. Something sacred that God vowed no man could put asunder, is simply erased and scattered like sand.

Every family faces difficult times, whether it’s financial, health, or otherwise, but we grow when we face these difficult times together and by keeping each other focused on God and His truths. Just like a fabric, when the threads become loose and not tight knit, it becomes weak… a small hole becomes larger when stretched until the threads begin to tear. When families tear apart, and husbands and wives separate, it literally feels as if the flesh is tearing because God has ordained you as one flesh. Make no mistake about it… it’s excruciating for every single member of the family. Just because thousands have bought the lie and thought the stroke of a pen would stop all of their problems and pain, it doesn’t make it any less painful. Reality is that you are simply trading one set of problems or pain for a different set.

Divide and conquer is the goal of our enemy. His insatiable desire is to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10) and I believe like never before, our families are in his cross-hairs and he is hunting each member of the family.

The internet is full of Christian blogs that offer advice for families and raising children through all of the different phases and ages, because the particular season your family in will dictate what is successful and what is not, but my point is this… straight and simple… your family is the “hunted”, and we must do all we can to protect it from the Enemy ever gaining the smallest “foothold” (Ephesians 4:27) or “opportunity” in it!

Never think it’s too late or the battle is too big or that you’ve already made too many mistakes! Listen! We serve a loving, gracious and merciful God who forgives those mistakes and even redeems them and uses them in such a way that will glorify and honor Him. I know from personal experience because our family has walked down three years of brokenness, only to be restored and I wouldn’t trade what we share now for anything!  That’s why I feel so passionate about fighting for our families… to know the joy we experience now is something I desire for all families.

We, as a society, have to stop hunting for the quick, easy fixes, and realize that we have a bigger responsibility to represent and live as the family unit that God designed us to be.

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  1. Marriage is both a sacrament and a civil contract. You are discussing the sacrament, which is defined and administered by whatever religious authority you accept, and which no government has a right to redefine or interfere with. But under the Constitution, government is only allowed to recognize that a contract of marriage exists and, like any contract, is subject only to civil law. That in no way limits or threatens the sacrament, nor hinders your adherence to it.

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