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Fitness and health always top the new year’s headlines and resolutions. Gym memberships sharply increase as people make a year long commitment to exercise and improve their overall physical health… sadly, the year long commitment most of the time results in a month long commitment before it begins waning as other priorities seem to seep in.

Today’s families seem to have that same struggle. Keeping the overall ‘fitness of the family’ is a battle between work commitments and unforgiving school schedules, practices, games, etc. As the popularity of traveling sports teams increases, so does the weekend long tournaments. Then there’s the ever-growing popularity that not only sucks our kids’ attention but also seems to be seducing much of the parents’ time in our ever-continuing effort to keep up with where everyone is going or eating or celebrating with.

Maybe we would all be more successful in our efforts to exercise and eat healthier if we committed to do it as a family? Also, giving the family more quality time together, which can improve our mental and emotional health?

And, where does our spiritual health fit in to this overall picture? Usually, the back seat when it should be in the driver’s seat! Taking five minutes at the end of the day to say prayers as a family, and if you’re even more ambitious, starting your day with a quick family prayer… asking for help on an algebra test or God’s favor on an inspection… can do wonders for a family’s overall fitness!

In the coming year, as all the distractions and ‘noise’ seem to fill every quiet moment of a family’s life, keep the family’s eyes focused on God and build the rest of the schedule never sacrificing time with Him or time together… and watch how the minutes of a day seem to multiply and you become a victor in the battle of finding a healthy balance.

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