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HHE 5th Graders Raise Money for Classroom SMARTBoard

Holly Harshman teacher, Tonia Smith, recently recognized a group of her 5th grade math students from last year (2014-2015 school year) for helping raise money to purchase a SMARTboard for their classroom.  Smith said, “I teach math at Holly Harshman Elementary and in May 2015, Missie Reeves and I took these students to local businesses where they gave a presentation of our need to update our classroom from whiteboards, a few iPads, and small markerboards to include a SMARTboard.  With the support of many businesses, we exceeded our goal and not only purchased a SMARTboard for my classroom but for the other 5th grade math classroom as well.” Smith explained that she and Mrs. Lynch are the only two teachers in the Mena Public School District to have SMARTboards and are thrilled to be able to incorporate technology for the students to use on a daily basis.  “We are able to teach math on a whole new level, and seeing the excitement in my current students makes me very proud of my “crew” who helped make this possible,” said Smith.

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