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What do you do here?

By Clet Litter as told to Bob Simpson

Granddaughter Evangeline has been working a few times a week after school at a coffee shop, Java Forest, (Java Jungle was already being used by another shop in town). She was complaining about a customer who asked her, “What do you do here?” She told the customer that she was a barista. The customer said, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.” Evangeline took it as a slight.

We solved the problem at the Barbershop Think Tank. We come up with something for Evangeline to say when somebody said that. We found one that we agreed on. Here it is, “And, there is nothing wrong with being a coffee shop customer. Just be the best coffee shop customer that you can be.”

Morton Trubletoof said, “I had trouble years ago with walking and chewing gum.”

I sez, “So you learned how to walk and chew gum?”

“No, I quit chewing gum.”

Orchard Park in Buffalo had over six-and-a-half feet of snow by 1 p.m. Sunday. The game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns had been moved to Detroit. The Bills team tried to get the snow moved to Detroit in time for the game, but they couldn’t get any trucks within 10 miles of the Buffalo stadium. The Bills won, but the bad news is that the team has to go back to Buffalo for the rest of the winter.

Mumford Pickens says, “Socrates and Plato agreed on many ideas. That’s where the phrase comes from, ‘All Greek minds think alike.’ Plato was the more empathetic of the two philosophers. He was the first to say, ‘I feel your pain.’ He said that after Socrates drank the poison hemlock.

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