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Holly Harshman Third Graders Present Their Wax Museum Biography Projects

This past Thursday, May 9th, Holly Harshman third graders completed their first-ever biography projects.  As preparation for next year, all third graders choose individuals to research, prepare a written paper followed by a visual presentation open to parents and grandparents.

The assignment took one week as students diligently researched their chosen individuals while at school through the use of the internet.  Biographies represented various individuals from famous baseball Hall of Famers such as Lou Gehrig, to astronaut Sally Ride or closer to home heroes like Ranger boat founder and Arkansas Hall of Fame member Forrest Lee Wood.  All work was the product of the students.  This research culminated in a written page to be graded on content, accuracy, spelling, and grammer.  With the weight of a grade lifted, the students then prepared to wow their peers and parents with a visual presentation.

Students, also as a solo effort, outfitted a presentation board with facts and pictures concerning their individuals.  They donned outfits and make up to dress in character.  While parents paraded around a sea of third grade projects, each student portrayed  their character in a brief, two-minute presentation.  You could tell the students enjoyed this aspect and the diversity of each project was impressive.

Hats off to the everyday heroes- teachers, who bring learning alive with fun, interactive methods that encourage our youth daily.  With the close of school just around the corner, more is in store and fun is on the horizon with summer programs at your local schools and the public library.  Check out what is available in your area!

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