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Thrifty Thursday

Our Thrifty Thursday deals are savings that add up for food items, services, retail purchases and more from local businesses. New coupons become available each week. Some sell out very quickly, but there are times that coupons are still available throughout Thursday and even throughout the following week. Sometimes popularity depends on either the season or weather.

You may come by the Pulse Office, located at 1168 Hwy. 71 S, Mena, beginning at 8:00 a.m. to purchase coupons.

Can’t be here first thing in the morning? No problem. You can begin calling (479) 243-9600 at 8:00 a.m. and pick the coupons up during our regular business hours within seven days, or the coupons will be returned to the queue. We are officially open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. We understand that life happens. If you have a reason you can’t make it in before the end of the seven days, call and let us know when you expect to be in (within a reasonable amount of time) and we’ll hold the coupons.

We do not reserve tickets in advance. They are first come, first serve starting each Thursday morning (not including holidays or closure due to inclement weather).

Prices for coupons vary and are the listed price (see below) if using cash or check. We prefer bills smaller than $20. Debit and credit cards will be subject to a 5% processing fee. Coupons must be purchased at Pulse Multi-Media. The Thrifty Thursday advertisement in The Pulse newspaper is not a coupon and cannot be used at the various locations. Be aware that some stipulations may apply.

Our current Thrifty Thursday coupons (in alphabetical order):

Baskin Robbins – Two Scoops, Cone or Cup, for $5

Baywash Car Wash – $13 Ultimate Car Wash for $7

Chiquita’s – $9 Food Service for $5

Level Up – $10 Day pass for $7

Ronda’s World of Wellness – 1 Hour Massage, $60 value for $40

The Shop at the Foot of the Hill – $60 Unlimited Tanning for $40

The Chuck Stop – $9 Food Service for $5

Thibodeaux’s – $10 Food Service for $7

Wendy’s – $9 Food Service for $5