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Howard Clark Wiley Jr.

1081_001-3 1In the early morning hours of May 9th, 2016, Howard Clark Wiley Jr., known to most as Howard Wiley and to his childhood friends as “HC” Wiley, departed from our presence in this life.

Howard was born, August 20, 1929, the son of Howard Clark Wiley and Louise Rye Wiley of Dierks, Arkansas. He was preceded in death by, both father and mother; and by, sister Joy Wiley Pellicciaro of Newark Deleware; and brother, George Wiley of Phoenix, Arizona.

Howard is mourned by, his wife Arleen Skiles Wiley of Mena, Arkansas, his sister Hazel Wiley Akimoto of Boston, his son Bryon Wiley of Kirkland, Arizona, Granddaughter Shauna Wiley Naefke of Alameda, California, Grandson Brook Wiley of Tempe, Arizona, and son Greg Wiley of Peoria, Arizona, and granddaughter Michelle Wiley Lauver of Phoenix, Arizona.

During his senior year of High School in Dierks, Howard joined the U.S. Army where he spent the next three years as a mechanic working on P51 Mustang airplanes. From there Howard joined the family in Dierks in moving to take up residence in Phoenix, Arizona, where a family business, Metal Products, was created, and from which Howard retired in 1985 after working there 33 years. Howard was an avid motorcyclist, having owned and ridden 35 various makes and models. He was a member of a Retreads and traveled throughout the US and Canada through the years with many friends made within that group. Howard was one of the “last of the good guys”, He could figure out, fix, make, and invent almost anything, and was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, at any time. He gave freely of himself. His soul was gentle, and the light of his love encompassed the earth and all life forms. Light and love to you Howard, Now, and Always Now. Namaste’

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