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Investigators Searching for Answers to Phenomena at Board Camp Crystal Mine


Recently, Orville and Cheryl Murphy, owners of Board Camp Crystal Mine, invited a few close friends and the local media to witness some of the phenomena that has been taking place at their mine that has attracted investigators as well as Josh Gates, host of “Expedition Unknown” on the Travel Channel. Board Camp Crystal Mine will be one among other locations featured on a 4-part mini-series called “Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials.”

The Murphy’s were restricted from disclosing the details of the show; however after a photo of the Murphy’s with Gates and a field investigator wearing a jacket with a MUFON [Mutual UFO Network] arm patch were released, there has been a flurry of speculation. Gates visited the mine specifically to investigate the crystal mine and film with MUFON’s special assignment team.

MUFON was founded in 1969 and, today, is a nation-wide 501(c)3 organization with approximately 4,000 paid members that has teams of investigators from professional backgrounds who volunteer their time to investigate reports of unexplained anomalies. Currently, MUFON investigators classify the phenomena experienced at the Board Camp Crystal Mine as “undeniably scientifically unexplained.”

The Murphy’s report that since February of this year, there has been phenomena happening at the mine, phenomena they are seeking explanations for and that’s why they reported it and are grateful MUFON responded. “We were told that our reports were taken seriously because of physical evidence that we were able to show. MUFON says that 97% of reports are nothing, but 3% have something behind them. We fall into the 3% because we have credible physical evidence.” MUFON field investigator Chase Kloetzke experienced some of the phenomena and details of her’s and Gates investigation will be revealed during the episode that is scheduled to air this October on the Travel Channel.

While attending the invitation only media event, Saturday, July 15, witnesses reported that they saw more phenomena. The phenomena witnessed that night were orbs of light seen in the woods. Ongoing phenomena experienced by the Murphy’s and friends are mysterious orbs, unidentified lights, and what appears to be rock movement and levitation. “Look, we know how this sounds, but we aren’t trying to pull anything over anyone. Not only have we seen things with our eyes, but we have cameras that have caught the different phenomena happening,” explains Orville Murphy. More recently, while walking through the woods in hopes of seeing more light orbs and making sense of the phenomena, the Murphy’s have experienced another phenomena, rocks falling. Josh White, the Murphy’s son, was walking through the woods with his dad when he says there was a rock that literally just fell from the sky. “It’s not like it fell from a great height, but it probably fell from four feet above me and almost hit me in the face,” explains White.

As mentioned, what has deemed the Murphy’s reportings of the phenomena so credible is the physical evidence they have collected. On Saturday, July 15, Orville took local media out to the ‘event site’, the area where many of the reported phenomena has been allegedly happening, including the rock levitation. When MUFON was at the mine the investigators explained to the Murphy’s that an area where crystals are can be magnetized, usually at a rate of .5. As guests looked on, Orville demonstrated how a metal t-post that had been knocked over because of phenomena at the event site had become magnetized. The t-post had a rating of 22 on one end and a little over 5 on the other end, giving the post two poles and making the everyday farm supply a magnet. “We were able to hang a light dinner spoon on the other day and it held. It is really cool stuff,” say the Murphy’s. Although the Murphy’s and guests cannot fully explain the phenomena, they are hopeful that with the help of MUFON and Josh Gates’ show, “Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials”, the family will be able to receive some kind of explanation. “We know things are happening out here that we can’t explain, but we feel that science can. We are just of the belief that it is wrong to have knowledge and keep it for yourself. It is our hope that we can shed light on the things going on and maybe provide answers for those who have experienced similar things,” says Orville Murphy.

The Murphys are relieved that they can begin sharing their story publicly, so that the world can learn from it. They admitted that at first, they were hesitant to share for fear of being ridiculed. Cheryl shared that as a Christian, they were naturally, troubled by the odd experiences happening on their property and sought the Lord for assurance. “We found an article in my daily devotional by Billy Graham, titled ‘The Mysteries of God’ that provided us with the comfort we were looking for and we encourage others to read it online, who may feel troubled by our news. For years, people have been seeking the truth to such phenomena, and perhaps the happenings at Board Camp Crystal Mine can shed some extra light, because some of the phenomena may be linked to the energy in the crystals.”

They plan to reopen their business, not for crystal digging as yet, but to host tours for those interested in learning more about the phenomena and to see where Josh Gates filmed.

The Murphy’s story and scientific results of the MUFON investigation is expected to be reported in the November 2017 issue of the MUFON Journal.

Click here for a separate video showing pictures of a levitating rock and flashes of light:


  1. Years ago my husband and daughter saw a large light in the sky towards Oklahoma from Mena and they both told me that it just see off so fast they couldn’t see it. She was scared for a long time after

    • Hi Dorothy, thank you for sharing your story. Board Camp Crystal Mine plans to host a town hall meeting this Fall. We know there are others who have experienced strange happenings in Polk County. If we all share our stories, maybe we’ll find some answers. That is what we are seeking by going public with our story. TY for your comment!

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