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James 4:14

James 4:14 – “Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”

If we find ourselves depressed or lazy or lethargic, isn’t that scripture incredibly motivating – hit you smack between the eyes, kick you out of your recliner, let me get busy, motivating?

There simply isn’t time to continue to use excuses for rejecting or running from Him! We can’t blame it on our childhood anymore and dysfunctional parents because let’s face it, we all are to some degree, and when surrendered to Him, He redeems and uses all of it! It can’t be all the missed opportunities as a child because our family was ‘poor’ because yes, He can use those circumstances to build character and there is no better time to know the Lord than when you are without the traps of the world. It can’t be because you spent half your life running from Him and fighting addictions because He can use your testimony and redemption story as an incredible tool to reach others… just let Him deliver you from it and then be willing to share of His victory in your life! Just OWN IT… own your life, stop blaming others, stop making excuses and take responsibility! He bought and paid for each one of us with his blood shed on the cross so we could OWN a life free from excuses and to be lived with purpose. To not live a life knowing Jesus Christ is a choice and not a result of circumstances.

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