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John Maddox – Making His Own Mark on the County and State


John Maddox enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, calling the Hogs, and doing his part in helping his community succeed.  A native of Mena, Maddox graduated from Mena High School in 1987 and went on to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree and then a Law Degree from the University of Arkansas Law School.  Immediately upon graduation, Maddox returned to Polk County and joined his father, Attorney David Maddox, at Maddox and Maddox Attorneys at Law in Mena.

While attending the University of Arkansas, Maddox met his wife, Mandy, and they married in 1997.  Together they have two daughters, Madison, a 16-year old sophomore at Mena High School, and Macy, a 13-year old 8th grader at Mena Middle School.  Mandy teaches Kindergarten at Louise Durham Elementary.  “Mandy is an amazing wife and mother and I’m very blessed to be married to her.  She takes great care of all of us,” said Maddox.  “I really enjoy and feel very blessed to be able to spend so much time with my wife and kids.”

Maddox and Maddox Attorneys at Law have been representing the people of Polk County and Western Arkansas for more than 40 years. “We are a general practice law firm that specializes in estate planning, wills and trusts, business formations, contracts, real estate, personal injury, and banking law. We have two employees, Vicki Bosch, a paralegal, and Benji Ferguson, our legal assistant.  Both are great assets to us and have been with the firm longer than I have.  I really enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories and trying to assist them in their business ventures or their personal lives,” explained Maddox.

As a small business owner in Polk County, with strong ties to Montgomery County, Maddox is especially interested in the Arkansas Tax Code.  Currently higher than all surrounding states, Maddox feels that it is time to reform the tax code and reduce the regulatory burden in order to increase economic growth for the state and District 20.  In the upcoming election cycle Maddox will run as the Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Maddox follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Ode Maddox, who held the seat for this district for 42 years.  “My grandfather was the best and most God-fearing man I have ever known.  He served as a Deacon in the First Baptist Church of Oden for many years and he was a great example on how to live your life,” explained Maddox.    Maddox is a member of the local community, with children in the school district, who has a vested interest in the good of the district.  “My plan is to be able to reach out and have a conversation with every business owner and listen to their concerns.  I want them to be able to come to me regarding any piece of legislation that concerns them, as well as any regulatory agency that they may be having an issue with.  Advocating for and assisting existing employers is very important to me,” explained Maddox.  “This is where I’m from and I truly care about this area.”  Maddox also hopes that by reforming the tax code, new businesses will be able to open and sustain themselves in Arkansas, specifically in District 20, and that with new businesses will come new jobs.  “I want to do everything we can do to incentivize work and to help people to get off the social safety net and into the work force,” explained Maddox.

“If I am elected it will be a sacrifice, I really enjoy being home every night with Mandy and my girls, but sometimes people who care have to stand up and serve,” Maddox said.

Maddox currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Rich Mountain Community College, as the Chairman of the Polk County Republican Committee, on the boards of PCDC, the Union Bank of Mena, and as a member of the local Lions Club.  He has previously served as a board member for the Polk County Chamber of Commerce.

“I enjoy living in a community where we know each other, I regularly talk to friends I went to elementary school with.  We are truly a community and that is what I like about living in Polk County.  It was never a question to me, I knew I would go to school and come back to Mena.  This area is and always has been home to me,” Maddox said.

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  1. Broken Mother Audrey Martin

    If John Maddox is such a family and community man, ask why he left a single mother dangling in the wind, not doing much to defend her over child custody over hwr two children. A family member and I paid him $2300, and all he did in mediation was sit there let the other attorney bully me and spue lies about me. Also told me that I would loose if I defended myself in court. If he is such a family man and community man, why didnt he use his skills he was paid for and defend me and help get my kids? I was never given a drug test nor did he ever question the supposed evidence against me. The whole custody issue against me started because I joined the United States Navy to make a better life for my two young children and myself and I was punished for doing so. By the way, I’d love to know where those funds went after my mother whom had no authority to do so fired him….I never seen the money..And he didn’t do anything but help force me into loosing a huge part of life that my children nor I will ever get back, as my children were held away from me once I shipped out to my first command.
    Not slander when true.

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